DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Wow, the last 48 hours have been hectic. Fun, but hectic.

The short(er) version:

I flew in at 4:30 or so on the 30th (uh, saturday it seems) and got home at 5:30 or so. Talked to people on IM a bit, went out and got dinner at In-N-Out, and crashed around midnight. This was obviously not part of the really hectic period =)

Got up around 11 on the 31st, caught up on LJ some more, paid some bills, ordered some stuff online, tossed together stuff for the new years party, made calls to a couple people about said party, showered, and actually headed out for the party at about 5:15, an hour later than i really should have =P

So that evening i went to an awesome new years party hosted by jmpava, coraa and shamiksan. Presumably not as awesome as the canceled party in Denver with a couple months of planning behind it would have been, but given the restrictions they were working under they produced wonders :)

Got to sleep about 5, woke up sometime around 9 i think and spent the next two hours dozing on and off. Spent a couple hours hanging out with jmpava and coraa while everyone else got breakfast, though in retrospect if i'd realized that all the out of town people would have to leave almost immediately after getting food i would have come along to hang out with them despite not being hungry, sorry about that =/

Spent several hours after that hanging out with thumbie and shamiksan, and then got to hang out with sithjawa for a little bit since she was in the area.

Decided to be crazy and went up to malediction after sithjawa left and and got there a couple minutes before 10:30 i think. Earliest i've ever been there i believe. As a result it only cost me $2 or $3 to get in and i got a free (and presumable crap =) CD as well. It's a good thing i was wearing cargo pants, though even so having a CD in my pocket placed a slight restriction on my mobility :)

Despite telling myself that maybe since i got there a little early i should leave a little early i stayed until closing, got home around 3, got to sleep at 3:15 or so and got up at 5. Now i should get myself some breakfast and head off to work, possibly not in that order.
Tags: recaps

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