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Why can't apartment hunting be simple?

Wednesday last week i went to check out the $950 place in Redondo Beach. It looked pretty decent for the price. It is a motel-type apartment, one big hollow square with the doors facing into an inner-courtyard, and the doors are right next to each other, but at least it wasn't hotel like. (Same thing but with dimly lit interior corridors.) The apartment was a little small, and the carpet was kind of grungy but i was told that it was going to be either cleaned or replaced once the current tenant was completely moved out. The kitchen was also kind of small, but it's not like i spend that much time cooking. It did come with a parking space, and there is a small laundry room in the building. Best of all i was told that there was no additional charge for having cats. The manager herself has three or four cats and i saw another cat sitting in one of the windows. So all in all it was far from perfect, but far better than anything else i think i can expect to find for that price. It wasn't going to be available until the first week of january, but i figured that would let me give my current place 30 days notice rather than trying to argue them into two weeks like you're technically supposed to be able to do, and besides, at $300 cheaper than the other places i was considering it i'd make the difference up pretty fast. So i gave the manager my information for a credit check and she said she'd get back to me on monday.

I didn't hear anything monday morning or early afternoon, so around four i gave her a call and she said the landlords hadn't gotten back to her with the results of the check yet, but hopefully they'd get back to her the next day. So today i got a call from her, and it turns out the landlords have a relative moving to the area pretty soon so they've declared by fiat that the apartment i was looking at should go to them. I'm told that there is another apartment that will be empty soon, however that won't be till the beginning of february, and that will be for $1150. On the plus side she said it was bigger (about 100 sq feet more i think) and has a balcony and an actual view (as opposed to the view of a rear parking lot that the small bedroom window in the other apartment had) though i'd really rather have the $200 cheaper. It's still at least $100 cheaper than anything else i've found, but i'd have to wait _another_ month before moving. I'm not sure if the possibility of saving an extra $800 would be worth the trouble of having to go back and start checking with other apartments again.

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