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When i was at malediction last week i found out about a newish goth/industrial club (or new to me at any rate) going on every 2nd saturday. I thought about going to check it out this weekend but was feeling kind of vague on the subject this afternoon. I finally convinced myself i ought to go check it out just so i'd know how it was. However i had a little bit of time to make up at work so i stopped by there on the way to put in about an hour. While i was there ceph was kind enough to IM me and let me know that none of the people up in hollywood were going to be there (which i hadn't really been counting on, but was nice to know) and that it had started raining up there. I'd noticed a light sprinkle when i was pulling up to work, but when i checked again it was actually a pretty good rain, and checking the weather report seemed to indicate it was going to keep up for most of the night.

In general i don't mind driving. I can spend the time thinking or listening to audiobooks or listening to bouncy music. I seem to be more willing to drive longish distances to go to interesting events or hang out with people than a lot of others i know. Driving in the dark isn't a big factor by itself. I don't particularly like driving in the rain, especially in SoCal. And i don't like driving someplace new. I get stressed out about getting lost, not so much on the freeways but once i get off onto sidestreets. I worry about finding the place i'm going to, i worry about finding parking near the place i'm going to. So i wasn't particularly looking forward to driving up to this new club, add on top of that that it was raining and obviously going to be late at night and i decided i would be better off going home and trying again next month. Maybe i'll go to malediction again tomorrow, even if it's still raining i've been there a dozen times so i don't need to worry about finding my way there.
Tags: psychology, random

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