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FF12 randomness

I'll reach my next clan rank when i've completed 12 hunts and gotten 40,000 points? But i've only gotten 29,000 points so far! That will take _foreeeeeever_!!! Oh, wait, that's not 29,000 points i have, that's 290,000 points :)

Edit: Damn, i may have to consider swaping Vaan out for Balthier, just because Blathiers level 2 and 3 Mist Knacks are so cool. Bash's level 3 one is pretty awesome as well. Vaan's level 3 one isn't bad. Fran's Ashe's and Panelo's Mist Knacks are all kind of underwhelming though, which is kind of sad.
Tags: random, silly, video games
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