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This place feels so empty without Morna here. I feel like I just want to curl up and ignore my life.

She moved out two weeks ago, so that she could be with her other boyfriend, Bricriu. She says that we haven't broken up yet, but things seem so bleak. She spends so much time with him, seems so sure of her relationship with him.

I get to see her two or three times a week when I'm lucky. Perhaps once all the complications of moving have calmed down, things will get better, but I worry.

I don't know what's wrong. We had problems of course, but so do the two of them. I love her so much, and her love for me seems ever weaker. I don't know what I did wrong to bring about this change.

I still love her as much as ever, I still do everything I can to make her happy.

I wish I knew what to do to make her want to be with me again.

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