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15 November 2006 @ 05:48 am
Random stuff  
I told myself i wasn't going to start any new books (well, not any real books, as opposed to audiobooks) until i've found a new apartment and finished or given up on my not-for-NaNoWriMo story. So instead over the last week i've read the entire contents of Questionable Content VG Cats instead =P Yay for willpower =P

I went to a MoveOn victory party at venice beach on saturday. It's a lot easier to initiate conversations with people if you have a ready-made opener at hand such as "so what other MoveOn events have you been to?" that doesn't sound totally stupid. Of course it also helps if most of the other people there don't know most of the other people either, and are just as interested in talking to new random people as you are.

I got up early on saturday, and as i sometimes do when i want to get up early i had the tv's alarm set to help get me up. It was on the Discovery channel, but that doesn't have real programming on early in the morning so when i came out to the living room to shut it off it was running an infomercial on some kind of exercise machine. I wouldn't really have noticed but they were doing one those "before and after" picture sets of a girl, except that instead of like usual, where they have a before picture of someone obscenely overweight and/or posed and made up to look as unflattering as possible and an after picture of them at a normal weight and made up and stuff, they had a before picture of an attractive girl at a perfectly reasonable weight and an after picture of her being incredible skinny with her ribs kind of poking out. So not really a good inducement to get the product in my mind =P

Did some apartment hunting stuff on sunday, then played some FF12, then went to bed early.

Oh and i forgot to add in my last post that another good thing for an apartment to have is _parking_. Both in the form of having an assigned spot to yourself and in having enough random parking for friends to be able to come over easily.
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Ambermaggiedacatt on November 15th, 2006 04:00 pm (UTC)
They're not marketing that to you though, at least not using before and after pix of women. They're marketing it to women. Both genders tend to overestimate their particular ideal (i.e. men tend to overestimate how beefy they should be in women's eyes, women overestimate how skinny they should be).