DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Thoughts about apartments

What i like and don't like in an apartment:


*I like more modern looking apartments.
*I like places that are in good repair and fairly clean, _especially_ the bathroom.
*I don't like interior corridors. I'm not sure why, maybe it's just cause _usually_ they seem to be cramped and poorly lit and dingy and make the place feel like a hotel.
*Speaking of which, i don't like it when the doors to two different apartments are right next to each other on the same wall, that hotel feeling again. It's okay to have two doors next to each other if they're on opposing sides of a corner, that doesn't have the same feeling of being right next to each other.
*I like apartments that consist of at least a couple separate buildings with paths running between them rather than a single monolithic building.
*Similarly i don't like really tall apartments. Two stories is fine, three might be okay, anything taller than that seems weird.
*The having a stream run through the apartment things i kinda cool, though not really necessary.
*Easy access to a freeway is great. So far i haven't lived in an apartment that's been more than two blocks (largish blocks anyways) from a freeway.
*Having a mall nearby is great.
*Having someplace open and nice to hang out and read or whatever is great too. (My current apartment happens to have this and the mall thing combined in one. It's one of those open air malls and they've got a moderately large courtyard in the middle with a miniature amphitheater in the center (miniature as in about four or five rows of benches) Good for hanging out at and reading on the weekend if i get too depressed about being alone in the apartment all by myself.
*Having convenient fast food (especially in-n-out and del taco) is good (well, except for my wallet and my diet =)
*I reallllly like having my own washer and dryer. Soooo convenient.
*Having a pool and/or hot tub is nice in theory, but i haven't ever used the pool or hot tub here. Only used them at old apartments a couple times.
*Having a decent place to go rollerblading nearby is good.
*I like having fairly large windows. Little tiny windows seem depressing or something. The windows should also have fairly wide sills, ideal for a cat to sit upon :) (assuming of course that the window in question isn't actually a door out to a balcony or patio or whatever, in which case the question is moot.)
*And of course, the place has to allow cats.

Unless of course i'm willing to work up the courage to smuggle my cat in against the mandate of the apartment complex. I think rules against cats are pretty silly, but i'd be kinda nervous about trying that since the consequences if i was caught would be rather unpleasant.


I like...
*People around to go to have dinner with
*People around to go to movies or watch tv with
*People to sit around and read or play video games with
*People around when i go to bed and people around when i wake up

The last one can really only be accomplished by having roommates, alas

Yes, i'm picky. And i realize that most of the things i like are most likely to be found in an apartment in the suburbs or in a really expensive place, or both. It doesn't seem too likely that i'll find what i want in the price range i want in the location i want.

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