DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

More random

We had another softball game last night as usual. Beforehand a largish group of us went out to a batting cage place for an hour or two to try out some different bats and get some practice in. No cute girls on the opposing team this time *pouts* but there was a cute girl with glases in both of the teams that were playing before us :) I got to bat once this game, and actually hit the ball! And got to first base! Then get to second base when the next batter hit the ball! Then got out at third for the batter after that =P We ended up losing... 22 to 6 i think.

Afterwards we went and got drinks and snacks at a nearby boba place. Some of us ended up discussing video games for awhile, including the Final Fantasy series, including FF12. As a result my vow to not start playing FF12 right away after getting it lasted for all of... 29 hours =P I only got about an hour and a half in so far though and am trying to reserve judgement for the moment. Lots of times they get off to a mediocre start before picking up steam. But is it just me, or do a lot of the characters in the engine rendered cut-scenes look like they were beaten about the head with a dirty club or something? They have big dark splotches on their faces that makes it look like they're dented or something, and it looks really strange to me.

I was going to do apartment hunting this saturday but it turns out that MoveOn is organizing a whole bunch of parties to celebrate the results of the elections, so i ended up signing up for two of them. Of course my plan to go apartment hunting on saturday last weekend totally failed, so maybe i'll do better trying to do it on sunday this weekend. I did get a call back about one of the roommate ads from craigslist yesterday, unfortunately it was while i was driving so i wasn't really able to talk to them about it. He asked me what questions i had about the place, which is kind of odd since i'd already asked several questions in the original email. I explained that i was driving and wasn't really able to talk, but suggested he could send me a response by email with some of the basic details and i could get back to him with some more questions after that. However there's been no sign of an email so far =P

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