DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I beat Disgaea 2 last night, yay! Now i'm not going to play it anymore until i've found a new apartment, i'm going to spend the time apartment hunting and writing stuff that isn't for NaNoWriMo instead. No getting extra endings, or leveling up items, or leveling up characters, or doing the sidequests, nothing. I also finished up SM Stirling's "A Meeting at Corvalis" a couple days ago, so no more reading either. Oh, i got to loan out two books this week, yay! Well, loaned out a copy of SM Stirling's "Dies the Fire" and gave away an extra copy of James Alan Gardner's "Expendable," but that's just as good.

I have been looking through the craigslist ads for roommates, and even tried ending out a couple emails despite my misgivings, but so far they've all come back with "sorry, no pets."
Tags: books, video games
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