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Well i've finished up all seven books in James Alan Gardner's "League of Peoples" series. Wish there was more =/ I had forgotten though that in "Expendable" (the first book in the series) he uses the strange literary device of dividing the book into chapters as "normal," but then dividing each chapter into short little sections, each with its own heading. In appearance as you flip through the books it makes it look like there's a new chapter on practically every page. However the story still flows fairly well between the subsections, so although i always spend the first little bit thinking "this is weird" after a (big) chapter or two i always seem to get used to it. I'm not sure what the little sections are actually supposed to accomplish, other than making sure no single piece of exposition gets too long or in the case of "Ascending" (the only other book to use the same technique) providing lots of opportunities to make little puns or other wordplay. I'd say that perhaps it's also intended to make them seem to flow faster, but _all_ his books go at a breakneck speed as far as i can tell.

Anyways, i am sad that there are no more books in that series to read, though that's probably a good thing since they can be kind of addictive :) I did check his website to see if maybe there was another one in the works by he had this to say: "A while back, I mentioned I was working on a fantasy trilogy called Today Without Tomorrow. Unfortunately, it didn't click with editors... so I've had to abandon it. Eventually I might post some of it on my web site, but only when I've really truly decided that no one is going to buy it. Instead, I'm now working on something I'm calling Gods and Supermen. It's hard science fiction, rather than fantasy; it's third-person rather than first-person (wow!); and (unlike much of my stuff), it's not an outright comedy." Awww, not "League of Peoples" _and_ not a comedy? *cries*
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