DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I went by target this afternoon, and found that they had a moderate selection of gloves in total disarray. I had no idea what i was looking for, and no idea what i was looking at, or how much any of them cost. So after awhile i gave up and went to the payless shoe place next door and looked at shoes. They didn't have and running/sports type shoes in my size in the style i wanted, though they had a pair that was sorta okay which i may go back and get later. Then i went by sports chalet. All their shoes were really expensive so i gave up on them. They had a _large_ slection of gloves. Also in total disarray. I poked around for awhile, again having no idea what i was looking for. These gloves were a _little_ better labeled so i had some slight idea of what i was looking at and a pretty good idea of what they cost. After awhile of being confused i found a sports chalet person and asked them which were the softball gloves, and he quickly pointed at "this, and this and this," and then said that he had to go help someone with something but he'd back soon, or something like that. So i spent another five minutes looking at the stuff i thought he'd pointed out, trying to divine the differences between those gloves and the others, before finally deciding that he was not in fact coming back and just gave up and walked out of the store. I'll probably wander back through the complex tomorrow or monday and take a look at target's shoes, then give up and buy the okay stuff at payless, and pick something random for a glove.
Tags: random, shopping

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