DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

I've gotten drafted onto the company softball team. This means that in the next couple days i need to find a baseball glove, which i may have owned one of about 20 years ago, and a pair of shoes, presumably tennis shoes, which i owned a pair of about 10 years ago. (In the time since then i've consistently owned one or two pairs of birks and one pair of boots.)

I've been told that Target is a good place to go for the glove, so where's a good place to go to get a pair of cheap, preferable black, tennis shoes? Actually i really need two pairs. I've been invited along to a camping/amateur-geology trip a couple weeks from now for which i've been told i should bring along a pair of shoes (and possibly other articles of clothing) that i don't care much about because they're quite likely to get thoroughly inundated with mud and salty water.
Tags: random, softball
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