DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Going grocery shopping with other people is much more fun than going by yourself.

They seem to be doing construction on some of the little footbridges at my apartment complex. Two of the bridges right next to each other, one on the path from my apartment to the parking area and the other on a branching path to the nearest building, have been removed and replaced with sheets of plywood. There is caution warning tape around them so i'm not sure if i'm supposed to avoid them entirely or use them but be carefull, so i've just been hopping over the creek instead. I'm kinda curious though as to why exactly they needed replacing though.

I stayed up till 1 am last night finishing Martha Wells' "The Gate of Gods." I should probably try not to start reading another book until after i've found a new apartment =P I did get a little bit of stuff done in that regard. Against my better judgement i looked through the roommate ads on Craigslist. All the ones from the small sampling i examined for Long Beach and Redondo Beach seemed to fall into one of two categories, "we're just a couple of laid back guys who enjoy drinking the beer and watching the game in the evening," and "females only," so not much luck there. However in the apartments section i found a link to a website for a series of apartments scattered across the South Bay which i haven't seen before on the more regular apartment websites. Despite being described as beach something-or-other properties the price for the one being advertised in craigslist was reasonably good. Unfortunately their website doesn't seem to have been updated in awhile, every complex returns a 404 if you try to check the available apartments section, even for the complex they're currently advertising for, so i'll need to try calling them up i guess.
Tags: books, random, recaps

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