DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

LEGO Transformers!

I'm sure that everyone who cares has already heard about it, but Nintendo had their big press conference last night and this morning. The important bits are the Revolution is coming out on Nov. 19th in the US and two weeks later on Dec. 2nd in Japan. In the US it will cost $250 and come with the "Wii Sports" game and one controller. The Revolution will be theoretically region free, but there will be a bit the developers can turn on if they want their game region locked, although Nintendo says they won't use it themselves. In the US at least the Revolution will be out 2 days after the PS3. At first i thought that was a very bad thing but upon further thought i'm not sure. Both of them will sell out regardless, but i'm thinking the media, with its typical short term memory, _may_ focus more on whichever one sells out _last_.

In other news, the new LEGO Star Wars, about the old Star Wars movies, came out on the 12th, and it looks really cool. (Jmpava and coraa already had the chance to get a copy =P) It was also recently announced that a LEGO Batman game is in development by the same people, which seems like it may very well be cool, but not nearly as cool as the Star Wars ones. However with that whole set of info lurking in the recesses of my brain, when i was listening to a song today which compared someone to both Darth Vader and Optimus Prime in the same sentence something just clicked in my head and "OMG! LEGO Transformers!" popped right out :) It would be a lot cooler than LEGO Batman i think, even if not quite up to coolness of LEGO Star Wars. You'd definitely have tons of characters, though choosing how to model the different Transformers would be interesting. But it would totally make sense when everything exploded apart into lego pieces upon death :)

I sooooo want that game, though i have no idea if the appropriate people have even thought of the idea. Maybe after the Transformers movie comes out someone will get the idea...

Ooohh! Follow up thought! LEGO Thundercats!! Even less likely to get made than LEGO Transformers, but i'd buy a copy :)
Tags: random, video games
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