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Been a somewhat busy weekend so far.

Friday night i went up to one of sithjawa's friends' place in Santa Clarita to hang out with people. Sithjawa was there of course, along with thumbie and shamiksan. We played some DDR (well, stepmania technically, but who cares) and talked and towards the end of of the night we spent a couple hours playing a card game called "Bang!" which is incredibly fun and i need to get a copy. It's kind of like mafia but with more rules and a wild west theme. Of course part of the fun is that whenever you attack someone you say that you're going to bang them, this especially fun if it's late in the evening (or rather early in the morning) and you're all getting a bit loopy :)

So i headed home from there about 3 something i think and got home around 4. Went to sleep and got up at 9 so i could drive out to Pasadena to pick up thaisa and then drive out to Upland to meet chalgaryn and steuard, who just moved out here recently, for lunch. We ate at Brandon's and went back to their place to hang out and chat for awhile. It was lots of fun and i'll have to make sure to see them more now that they're out here again. Went home around 5ish(?) and didn't do much for the rest of the day. Stayed up way too late playing some random web games and reading Hallowed Hunt.

I finally got to bed around... 4? 5? i forget by this point. Then i was silly and got up at 9 in the morning on sunday for some reason. I did manage to go back to sleep for a short nap a little bit later but didn't get to sleep as much as i wanted. Around 5 i decided i ought to go out to the mall and see if the REI sale was actually any good. While i was there i got a jamba juice and stopped by EB Games and picked up a copy of Disgaea 2. None of the stuff i was interested in was on sale at REI, but i picked up some climbing related stuff regardless. Then since i was out and about anyways and i was heading down to get some In-n-Out for dinner i stopped by DVD Planet on the way and picked up some really cheap anime that was on sale and got a copy of Donnie Darko. It turns out that i managed to buy an anime DVD that i already own, but i don't think it's worth going back to DVD Planet and trying to get my $2.50 back :) Anyone want a copy of Argentosoma Vol 3? :) Since i was right there i also stopped by BevMo and got some berry and apple cider and some midori. Got food at In-n-Out and went home and ate it. Then realized it was getting rather late if i was going to go to Malediction so took a shower and ran off.

Got to Malediction about 11:25, but had to spend 5 or 10 minutes looking around for parking =P Malediction was _packed_ due to the three day weekends, and it was really hot inside. I managed to run into iyindo and her SO there. There were lots of cute girls there of course, including a somewhat geeky looking girl wearing glasses, a corset, panties, and fishnet stockings. I tried smiling at her and she _might_ have smiled back. I was going to try and say hi to her after the club got out if i saw her, but she must have left before closing. I did a fair bit of dancing and they kept the place open till 2:30 this week. While i was walking back to my car someone who had parked in the same area struck up a conversation with me while we were waiting for the lights at one of the intersections to change. She mentioned there was a post-club gathering of people at a place called "Fred 62's." She said it was just up Vermont, but it sounded like it was a fair distance away and i didn't trust myself to be able to find it with vagueish directions, so i said it was kind of late this week but asked her if it was a usual get-together, and she said it was pretty common. So i may go check it out some other time.

Got home and stayed up faaaar later than i should have =P Got up about 1 pm and have been sitting around not doing much so far. Played a little FF5 and Disgaea 2, but feeling like doing something active now but i'm not sure what. There's apparently some Greek festival up in Long Beach but it's kinda late for that and i'm getting rather sick of driving, i've gone through almost two tanks of gas since friday morning =P
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