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Oh, and while i was at the mall yesterday i discovered some evidence regarding how incredibly divorced from nature i am, not that i really needed any help figuring that out of course :) While i was walking to the BoA i noticed the moon was out to the southwest and was a _very_ thin crescent. That got me to thinking it must be just a day or three away from the new moon, and i was wondering whether it had just been a new moon or was just about to be one. I was then struck by the realization that i really ought to know. Not because i ought to be paying more attention to my enviroment, though that's probably true as well, but because unless there's some _really_ weird orbital mechanics strangeness that i'm not considering the moon's phases should progress in the same direction every month. So even if i hadn't been paying attention for the past month or so the fact that the crescent was on the right side still ought to have been enough to tell me whether the moon is waxing or waning.
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