DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

People are nice

I went back to bed about 1:30 and slept intermittently until about 5:30. Got up and poked around the net for a bit but was feeling rather depressed. Despite the fact that i intentionally took a nap so as to be able to skip out on sleep and have more free time later i was getting that "it's the weekend and i've totally wasted the entire day by sleeping through it" feeling.

Then i realized that despite being a little after 6 it was still light out due to it still being summer and had the bright idea that rather than stopping by Del Taco on my way to Maledicton i should go out and get some food while it was still sunlight available. Then while contemplating where to get food i had the even better idea that i should go to the mall so i would have multiple places to choose from and there would be people around. So i headed out about 6:30 and went down to the mall. Got some feta cheese fries and a veggie curry pie and went and sat out in the mini-amphitheatre while i ate. After that i walked over to the BoA to get some money from the ATM and then made the always risky decision to stop by Barnes and Noble. They didn't have the books i _really_ wanted to get but i ended up getting several things regardless, including a couple books that i _would_ have really wanted to get ahead of time if i'd known they were already out :) Kim Harrison's "A Fistfull of Charms," Martha Wells' "The Gate of Gods," Jane Lindskold's "Wolf Captured," and Larry Niven and Breenda Cooper's "Building Harlequin's Moon."

After that i got a jamba juice on the way out of the mall and stopped by the gas station on the way home. Getting outside and associating with people, even indirectly, seems to have cheered me up quite a bit. Yay! I should go shower soon though and get ready to go off to Malediction. Then i get to associate (although indirectly again most likely) with even more people. More yay! :)
Tags: books, recaps, video games

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