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Awhile ago i was discussing the Ultimate Showdown video with some people over IM, probably because of the AMVs set to it at Anime Expo. I believe we were discussing which of the videos shown there worked better and why and what other things could be set to the original song.

In the middle of this conversation i made what was originally intended as a joke and said there should be a Final Fantasy Ultimate Showdown video. I named a couple matches for the various roles because it was amusing (starting with "Tidus as Aaron Carter i believe =) and then some of the others started suggesting matches and before we knew it we had at least vagues ideas for half the cast. So now i'm curious to see exactly how good a list we can can come up with.

Anyone who has any knowledge of the FF series at all is welcome to make suggestions of their own or root for the various alternatives presented below.

According to wikipedia's entry these are the characters who are mentioned in the lyrics:
(with the exception of robin, who i consider to be mentioned by implication, though he could be skipped if necessary)

* Godzilla - This is one of the most important choices since it shows first and then several times later. Sin was my initial choice, but i'm not sure how recognizable he'd be be, especially in flash format. Umaro has the pop-culture monster thing going on but is rather small. Bahamut might work but it would have to be one of the highly stylized Bahamuts in order to be quickly and easily identified as something other than a generic dragon.
* Batman (and the Batmobile) - Shadow (and a Chocobo)
* (Bruce Wayne) - Not sure what to do here since Shadow doesn't really have an alternate identity. Gogo might be amusing though for various reasons.
* Shaquille O'Neal - Wakka
* Aaron Carter - Tidus
* Robin (and the Batcave)
* Abraham Lincoln - I can't think of many characters with hats and guns. Bicks & Wedge might work but they fit better elsewhere. Same with Irvine.
* Optimus Prime - Another hard one. A Magitech with Terra inside? The robot-tower thing from FF4? Vegnagun from FFX-2?
* Scruff McGruff - Red XIII
* Jackie Chan - Yang, or Tifa since I haven't found any place else for her yet.
* Indiana Jones - Locke, or possibly Rydia since she works well with the whip part, though not so well with the getting kicked in the crotch part
* A Care Bear - Mog
* Chuck Norris - Another important and tough one. Cloud or Sephiroth have the appropriate amount of fandom wanking. The FF7/AC Cid or Auron might have a more appropriate attitude. General Leo has the same bad ass reputation (though he's probably not famous enough for the role) However whoever it is if it's not Sephiroth then Sephiroth and Kefka should be present as an angelic chorus while he descends :)
* Gandalf the Grey - FF1 Black Mage or Vivi
* Gandalf the White - FF1 White Mage or Dagger in her White Mage outfit
* The Black Knight, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Steiner
* Benito Mussolini - no idea
* The Blue Meanie Leader - Khimari
* Cowboy Curtis - Irvine
* Jambi the Genie - Shiva or Iffrit is the best I can come up with
* RoboCop - I can't come up with anything better than another Magitech
* The T-800 - Again, another Magitech
* James T. Kirk
* Darth Vader
* Lo Pan
* Superman
* The original five Power Rangers - Gullwings, Knights of the Round
* Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Bicks & Wedge, though they would be hard to represent distinctively, or Sabin and Edgar.
* Mr. Spock - Quistis or Cid (quite a stretch)
* Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Barett, Sabin, Yang
* Doctor Octopus - Ultros
* Hulk Hogan - Barret, Sabin, Yang
* Mr. Rogers - The whole point to him is how unlikely and unexpected he is as the victor. So clearly he needs to be represented by either Aerith, Tellah or Edward. I vote Aerith, especially because of the irony present when she stabs _herself_ at the end :)

Also mentioned and shown in the video but not specifically characters are the "good guys, bad guys" and "civilians." Not sure what to do about the good guys/bad guys part, but instead of a civilian dropping an ice cream cone it should totally be a cameo of Sora dropping a popsicle :)

And here is the list of characters who show up but aren't mentioned in the lyrics. Matching some of them would be cool but it's really not as important.

* Neville Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson)
* Various snakes
* Mario
* Sonic the Hedgehog
* Santa Claus
* The De Lorean from Back to the Future - gotta be an Airship
* Goku
* Eric Bauman of eBaum's World dot com
* Lowtax
* Tobias from Arrested Development, painted blue
* R2-D2
* C3PO
* A Jawa
* Judohobo
* Freddy Krueger
* Jason Voorhees
* Captain Hook
* Harry Potter
* Han Solo
* Pac-man

And for anyone having trouble remembering any specific details, here's Wikipedia's "List of Final Fantasy Characters" to get you started.

If i actually had the technical and artistic skills necessary i'd actually try to make this thing, unfortunately i have neither. I could presumably learn the technical skills easily enough, the artistic skills though...

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