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Did four or five of the big climbs yesterday and a few more than that up the short wall. Most of the big ones were 5.6s, but i did do one 5.8. I got all the way to the top on that one though i had to cheat a little. Most of it was pretty easy, the difficult part was a short 90 degree (or 180 degree?) overhang with a grip on it that you have to work around. I got a lot of coaching on it and ended up relying on the tension of the rope to pull myself up part of the way because neither my arm or leg muscles were strong enough to get me around the corner by themselves. I had two hand grips and i'd managed to swing my left foot up to a hold around head height so i was kind of dangling sideways and there was no way i was going to make it up all by myself =P Maybe next time if i try it while i'm well rested though.

I can do the red V0 on the short wall pretty easily, did that one three or four times. I can do the yellow V0 if i'm fairly rested but not the green one right next to it, which looks like it should be easy but i couldn't find a rating for it. There's a black V0 which i tried near the end of the day and totally failed on. I should try it again early on next time.

Oh, and while i was in the middle of the 5.8 my cell phone started buzzing. I decided it would be a good idea to _not_ try and answer it while i was halfway up the wall, which everyone else agreed later was probably a good idea but that doing so would have been very amusing. Especially if i'd actually answered the phone before yelling "take!" to my belayer or responded with such quips as "i'm just hanging out at the gym" or "i'm tied up right now, can i call you back later?" :)

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