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I am pissed at my rollerblades. Or possibly Sports Chalet or whoever it is that sold them to me. Or possibly K2 or whoever it is that made them.

Since i'm not going to have time to go rollerblading this weekend and i had some OT saved up i decided to head home from work about 4 today and get a little rollerblading in before going to cheer on my coworkers at the company softball game. I got home, changed quickly, went off to the beach and got there about 5:30.

I've had them for about six months(?) now and used them at _most_ a dozen times. So i was rather surprised when all of the sudden five minutes after i started rollerblading there was a sudden jerk from my left food and it suddenly started feeling funny. I coasted to a stop thinking that something weird must have gone wrong with one of the wheels. It was actually quite possibly worse than that. The wheels themselves are easy to replace, but it turns out that what happened was the ankle bad had just snapped, right near the base.

After all the effort of getting out there i didn't want to just give up, so i tried tightening the laces and velcro up and continuing on. It was still possible to rollerblade, i just had to put a lot more effort and thought into keeping my left ankle straight. After a little while longer i figured out i could stretch the laces some more and wrap them around the ankle once before tying them to give a _little_ more support, which helped some. I continued on and then thirty or forty minutes later there was _another_ sudden jerk as the _right_ ankle band snapped! Argh!!!

So i fixed that one up the same way and went another five minutes or so so i could get to the resting place/water fountain at the top of the hill and then turned around. Luckily going back was a lot easier. It was mostly downhill and there was a really strong wind that i'd been fighting all the way up but was helping me out in the other direction. So i only ended up blading for about an hour and fifteen minutes, barely enough to get warmed up :( Even so by the time i got back to the car my feet were pretty sore. My ankles were okay but my feet were sore for some reason, strange.

I guess now i take the blades back to where i got them from and complain a lot and see how much it would cost to get them fixed =/

But anyways, i should run off to that softball game now.

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