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Courtesy of akiko's link, i've got a brief synopsis of the version of the Hummer ad that's targeted at females:

"New mom is pushing her young male child to climb the ladder of a slide at the park, suddenly another similarly age little male child pushes him aside and starts climbing. The mom turns around and sees this other child’s mother.

Mom #1 says “Excuse me, I think it was our turn”. Mom #2 looks at her and then rather sneeringly says “We’ll now it’s OUR turn.” Mom #1 just looks totally powerless and impotent. Then sees a Hummer advert on the side of a bus going buy.

Switch to a quick change of woman trading in mini-van for a hummer … and driving away with a rather evil-ish grin on her face with the words “Get your girl on” over the top."

(Although if i'm remember correctly i think the dialogue was more like "Excuse me, my son was first." "Well now _my_ son is first.")

Still incredibly stupid in the rationale for why you should buy a Hummer, but although it could still be construed as sexist it's certainly not as blatantly so as the "Restore your manhood" one.

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