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16 July 2006 @ 11:22 pm
Remind me to never ever do any kind of exercise with any cute single girls ever unless i happen to know for a fact that they like sweaty guys =P

It seems that about two hours and twenty minutes is enough rollerblading to make my legs start pleasantly contemplating the possibility of taking a break.

I left the apartment about 5:15, it took about ten minutes to get down to the beach and started rollerblading at 5:35.

I tried going south this time, and there actually _is_ a "sidewalk" ends sign in that direction :) However it's not actually anywhere near as soon as i thought. The beach bike path actually merges with the sidewalk about the point where i thought it disappeared using Moogle as a guide. You go along the side walk for a little bit and then divert onto a bike path along a oneway street right behind the beach front houses. After five or ten minutes along there it goes back out to the beach again and continues on for quite awhile with a narrow but pretty good quality path, up until the "Sidewalk ends" part.

That area is almost entirely beach front houses, i'm not sure i want to know how much they must cost :) There are a few short strips of commercial stuff but not much. Unfortunately this means there's a notable shortage of drinking fountains =P

So after getting to the end of the sidewalk around 6:15 i turned around and headed back. I got back to Magnolia around 7, which wasn't quite as long as i wanted to be out for so i continued up past it to the north. Went up past the pier at downtown Hunting Beach and continued up to the little resting area at the top of a hill that was near the part where the path starts deteriorating and at which i correctly guessed there might be a drinking fountain. Stopped to rest there for a couple minutes and then turned around and went back to magnolia. Got to my car at 7:50 and headed home.

I had two pairs of pants left that were still in sufficiently good shape to wear to work on fridays. However one of them seems to have developed a weird problem with the zipper that it stars coming undone by itself over the course of 30 or 60 minutes. I'm not sure why it suddenly became defective and i'm not quite sure how to fix it, so i decided that this was a sign that i really ought to get some more pants. Went by costco this afternoon and had lunch (though they were out of frozen yogurt *pout*) an d get several pairs of jeans.

I'm kind of wondering though if i have abnormally short legs or something though. There wasn't a huge selection of jeans there, they had exactly one color and style of Kirkland jeans, and i couldn't find anything shorter than a 32x32. I can wear those, but i keep stepping on the ends of the legs with my heels. But that's all they had so i ended up getting two pairs of those. I also got a pair of black calvin klein jeans since that was the only brand they had in black. They're kind of weird for jeans though, they're thinner and slicker than most jeans. I think i might use them for clubbing if i can figure out a way to remove the big calvin klein logo without damaging them. But anyways, i managed to find exactly _one_ pair that was 32x30, and that seems to work a lot better. I can't figure out where there are so many 32x32 and so few 32x30 though. I'm pretty sure i'm about average height for a guy so i can't figure it out, unless either i've got abnormal legs or there were a lot of 32x30s originally but that's what everybody else wanted too :)

The kirkland jeans were $13 each and the calvin klein ones were $20, which was hopefully a good price but i don't really go shopping for jeans much so i'm not sure.

Unfortunately i didn't get any of the other things i'd been planning to do today done, most of which i've actually been putting off a day at a time for a week or so =P
Kevinbellwethr on July 17th, 2006 06:52 am (UTC)
I also have problems with jean length. I wear a 33x31, and typically need to get jeans altered for length. Depends where you go, but some department stores will even alter them for you. I know Nordstrom will even alter jeans for free, but they will run you more to begin with. :)
Kirinkirinn on July 17th, 2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I also buy 32x30s, and they're often the shortest ones on the rack, which is certainly a bit odd since last I checked I'm dead average guy-height. Does half the male population shop in the Boys' section, or what? I don't get it.

I just had to buy new slacks because the second I started loading things into the car for the cross-country trip, my "good" pants ripped in 4 places simultaneously. Evidently they had already worn uber-thin and were just waiting for an excuse. Fortunately, all the rips were in the knee areas and it was hot anyway, so I just wore them for the rest of the trip.