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16 July 2006 @ 12:31 am
Yay smog?  
I spent most of today hanging out with jmpava and coraa and neonelephant, and with ceph a little. Had lunch at Hof's and went over to jmpava/ceph's place and watched the first disk of Scrapped Princess and a whole lot of AMVs.

On the way home i noticed this faint orange shape in the sky that took me several seconds to realize was actually the moon. It started out as a dusky orange that was so dark you could barely see it and over the the course of a couple minutes driving brightened and deepened into an almost blood red. Then it faded again back through orange and to an almost normal yellowish color by the time i got home. Strange and impressive and vaguely ominous :)

I _should_ go to bed now since i've got several chores i want to get done tomorrow, but i'm not tired at all yet =P