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More inappropriate thoughts

Oh yeah, almost all the trailers before Pirates sucked. However there was one cool one that i remember. Well the trailer itself was both cool and amusing.

We hear a countdown and see footage of a rocket being launched
Then we see the text "In 2003 the Beagle 2 Mars Rover was launched. We were told it crashed."
We switch to a view from one of the rovers cameras, it's still on the little pad thing created by the lander, it looks around and then moves off the pad to start wandering around mars. Since this is "real" footage it is of course rather garbled and staticy.
"It's final transmission was classified as top secret."

At his point all i can think is "It's the Blair Mars Project!!" :)

It _actually_ turns out however that it's for the new Transformers movie! They've _finally_ settled on a release date after being in production for forever, or at least they think they're decided well enough to release a trailer. (Incidentally it's supposed to be coming out on the easy to remember date of 7.4.7)

If anyone wants to check it out it's online at

(I finally managed to get my computer to store a cached copy of the movie, but now i can't figure out how to get a "flv" file to play. I've installed the lates version of Adobe Flash (when did _that_ happen?) but it still doesn't seem to work. Anyone happen to know what the solution is?)

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