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Saw pirates tonight with several people from work. We had dinner at Marie Callender's at the Lakewood Mall first and then went to the 8:30 showing at the nearby theatre.

I've heard that some people were disappointed by it. I'm totally confused as to what people thought they were getting out of the first movie to build up the type of expectations that would be disappointed by the second movie. To anyone who hasn't seen it yet, go in expecting something silly, actiony, and fun, and you'll end up happy. My only minor complaint is that there were about twice as many rum jokes as there should have been.

I had a couple amusing but totally inappropriate thoughts during the movie. They're totally out of context but could technically be considered spoilers, so stop reading now if you care.

"'And what do you use a key for?' [long confused pause] 'More witches!'"

"Coming soon from whatever game company thinks of it first: Pirates of the Katamari!!"

and "Oh good, they must be doing this in lieu of 'Jungle Cruise: The Movie'"

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