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I made the mistake of eating some candy this afternoon, then followed it up by talking about food with people, so by the time i was heading home i was staaaaaarbing! I stopped by the tore to pick up some stuff then went home and stuck one of the frozen steaks i got from costco in water to thaw. While waiting for that to get done i had some french bread and cambozola (okay, and a candy bar, i was staaaaaarving!) I'm assuming that several week old cambazola wrapped in saranwrap is probably still okay, even though the original expiration date was the middle of jone. I don't think i'm staking my life on that theory, but if i don't show up for work tomorrow i guess i might be wrong :)

Next time i thaw out a steak that way i need to remember that the package may _not_ be watertight. After it had been thawing for about a half hour i found the package was filled with water and discovered a small puncture in the clear part of the plastic. I drained out as much of the water as i could and put it in a ziplock bag before putting it back in to thaw some more. I went a little overboard with the cooking since i didn't know how long it should take, so i ended up with something a lot closer to medium than rare, but there was still at least a little pink in the middle and it was still yummy.

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