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When i finally managed to get a set of mp3s loaded onto my new mp3 player i immediately tried starting it up and hitting play. It of course started playing the first song on the list, which clearly wouldn't do. So i went to the menu and played around until i managed to find the option to turn on shuffle. (Curiously there seem to be two shuffle modes, one with a small loop and one with a big loop, which the instructions seem to be mute about.) So, anyone want to guess what the first song it randomly decided to play when i started it back up with shuffle turned on? :)

I'm a little surprised that one of the features of the player is that it has an FM tuner, though given how simple it must be to include something like that now days i really should have been i guess. I'm not sure if i'll ever actually use it much, but since it probably didn't increase the price much it's kinda cool.

I am pissed at Hefty. We have some hefty ziplock bags which have a pink/purple design on the fronts, there's one big rectangle and a lot of little flowers around it. I grabbed a couple to put some stuff in when i was spending the weekend at ceph and jmpava's place and when i got back home i unpacked them and left the bags sitting on the counter. Sometime last week i noticed that one of the bags had gotten some water trapped under it. I peeled it up and there on the sink counter was an almost perfect stencil of the image on the bag, in bright pink on the mostly whiteish counter. I tried scrubbing at it but that didn't seem to do much. I need to try applying some bleach and see if that at least disguises the stain.

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