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beach and rollerblading *purrrr*

We decided to go to the beach for the friday night coworker thing this week.

Most of us carpooled so we didn't have to deal with parking near the beach. Left work around 5:45, stopped to get subway on the way since everyone was doing their own food and parked on magnolia a little bit before PCH. While walking to where we were gathering i noticed that Huntington Beach has a fairly good bike path and commented that it would be a good place to go rollerblading since i hadn't done that in a long time (aside from wumpskate of course.)

So we had a fire and toasted marshmallows with way too short of sticks, played in the water a little and sang not-quite-campfire songs (like tom lehrer songs and "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" and the shuggoth song =)

So today i was trying to figure out what to do, and since no one expressed any interest in going to Malediction this week i decided to be totally random. I went to Target and Best Buy and looked at mp3 players. Target had a decent 512 meg one for $50, but Best Buy had another one for $50 with slightly more features _and_ i had a Best Buy gift card from 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz. So i got that and a $13 pair of headphones for just $40, yay! The headphones are really cool, they're actual headphones, not stupid earbud things, but they curve up over your ears and then go around back behind your neck. They seem a lot more stable than normal headphones, especially while being active.

So i came home, grabbed some del taco on the way, and ate while figuring out how to load stuff onto the mp3 player. Winamp _claimed_ it could do it, but when i tried it loaded the first song and then died, so after a bit of experimenting and looking at the directions i finally tried Windows Media Player, which worked perfectly =P Then i grabbed my rollerblades and drove down Magnolia and parked in the same spot at a little after 5:30. I rollerbladed down to the beach and then started going north-west along the path. I stopped a few times very briefly at water fountains but pretty much kept going straight for almost exactly an hour, at which point i got to where the sidewalk ends, which actually occurs at the rather pedestrian location of the intersection of Warner and PCH :) There was a Jack in the Box at the corner there so i got a diet coke, figuring that it would probably be cheaper there than at all the various "beach cafe" places i'd passed along the way and headed back south at 6:45.

I was starting to get a little tired towards the end of the trip north, but when i started back south my body pretty quickly just declared "oh for fucks sake" and keeled over and let me do whatever i wanted. So the trip south seemed to go by a lot faster and seemed easier and more fun. It still took almost exactly an hour to get back, got to my car about 7:45. I actually felt like i could have gone quite a bit longer at that point but it was probably a good thing i stopped or i'm sure my body would have regretted it later. Well, more so than it will already anyways :)

Overall the path seems pretty good for awhile going north, then it gets to around the pier at downtown Huntington and it suddenly gets a lot better, after that it deteriorates to crap for awhile before becoming fairly good again somewhere around Seapoint Ave. I should try going in the other direction some other time and see how that goes. Not too surprisingly the quality of the pavement matched the population density. Saw lots of cute girls, but for some reason none of the cutest ones were wearing swimsuits =P

Anyways i'm all icky and sweaty now so i should go take a shower.


Mmmmmm! I taste salty! Well, i did before i showered anyways. :) I checked Moogle and it claims that from about where i parked to Warner & PCH is about 7.5 miles going along PCH, which presumably pretty closely matches what i did. So i must have been averaging 8 or 9 mph, unfortunately i have no idea if that's a decent rollerblading pace or not. And judging by the satellite view it looks like the pathway does indeed end there. I'd considered the possibility that it would start up again if i could get around the streets and condos in the way, but no, there's a bay on the other side of that :) However it also looks like the path ends less than a mile south of where i started so the route i took is the only one possible if i want to go a reasonable distance =P

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