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Avenue Q vs. Evanesence

Oh yeah, the Quote of the Weekend, courtesy of coraa: "Avenue Q is the new Evanesence."

Which of course makes no sense at all unless you're into AMVs and are aware that was the general context of the conversation :)

I'd kind of like to get a decent amount of sleep tonight and still get into work relatively early. However i just took a shower to get rid of all the goop that was in my hair for my costume and i'd like to let it dry for awhile before i sleep on it. I'm also really thirsty and all we have left here for diet drinks is a single can of Diet Monster. (We're out of diet water, i checked.) I think i shall drink the can of diet monster, check out some AMVs and do some price checks on anime and maybe get a little reading done and then see how long it takes me to get to sleep :)

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