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Anime Expo (the short version)

Anime Expo is over :( But it was awesome! I didn't actually buy much stuff but had lots of fun. I doubt there's anyplace on the planet with more geek girls and especially gothy geek girls than Anime Expo, but if there is i _really_ want to know about it.

My body is weird, i got about thirty minutes of sleep friday night and was fine on saturday till midnight. Got seven or eight hours of sleep, then stayed up all night sunday working on my costume and still wasn't very tired on monday. Ended up staying up till about two and got six hours of sleep. And for some reason i wasn't very hungry most of the weekend either. Too busy having fun i guess :)

So over the next year i need to lose about 30-40 pounds and get a better costume.

Oh, and getting the new digital camera was a _great_ idea. I took sooo many pictures. A lot of them are crap but there are still probably over a hundred that i ought to share. Anyone have any good recommendations about the best way to make them accessible? I don't really want to put over a hundred megs of pictures up on the site i used last year.

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