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Coraa is teh awesome! She figured out someone i could cosplay as and the costume isn't even that complicated! It's Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts 2. (here's a picture of him from wikipedia)

So, anyone know of the best place to go to look for cloth (as opposed to leather) trenchcoats? I ideally want one with a zipper and a hood, but if i can't find that exactly i can do some modifications.

I also need:
A black sweatshirt or something else like that with a hood (if i can't find a trenchcoat with one)
A looooong zipper (again, if i can't find a trenchcoat with one)
An eye patch
some black gloves
Some silver rope and beads
Possibly a new pair of black pants
Possibly four or six large sturdy pieces of cardboard to construct the weapons, i need to check the AnimeExpo rules on mock weapons
Silver and purple paint or markers, for above
some kind of silver makeup to put in my hair for the streaks
whatever makeup is necessary to give me the scar
I could theoretically get some knee hight black boots instead of using my dockers, but i don't think i'm going to bother. I would wear them normally and they'd probably be more expensive than everything else put together.

If anyone has any other good suggestions for places to get any of the above i'd love to hear about it.

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