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last night my apartment-mates told me that there was a pile of mail for me. In the pile of mail was a notice from the post office about some undeliverable mail. It was marked as "postage due," though i'm not sure if that was why it was undeliverable or not.

It was also marked as "final notice" (it was also the first notice i had gotten) and indicated that if i didn't come to the post office to pick it up, it would be sent back on october 4th. That would be thursday, the day before i got the notice =/

I went into the post office this morning anyway, hoping that there had been a delay, but it had already been sent back. The note didn't say who it was from, and i have no idea what it might have been, i wasn't expecting anything from anyone. I wonder if it will actually make it's way back to wherever it came from, or if it will just disapear into the system.

I'm very curious now as to what it was, and very sad that i didn't get it.

I should probably work on getting a copy of the mailbox key so that (hopefully) i'll see these things as soon as posible in the future.

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