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My start times for this week: 8:36, 10:01, 6:17, 9:24, and 7:51. I got a straight! :)

I wonder what evil god made it so that if i get up early in the morning i normally feel energetic and productive and generally all-around good for most of the day, but only after about two or three hours of slowly dragging myself out of bed and groggily stumbling around. On the other hand if i sleep in i generally wake up a lot easier but don't feel as good for the rest of the day (well, with the exception of weekends or other times where i can get away with shifting my entire schedule around.) And then on top of that makes it so that i _like_ staying up late at night. I suppose i should just be grateful that i'm not actually an insomniac as well. I really wonder what kind of schedule i'd adapt to if i ever had the total freedom to find out.

On a random note, it's nice to have people around, even if you're not really talking to them about anything it's just nice to have other psyches present while you're doing whatever. Although that does tend to encourage that whole staying up too late behaviour :)

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