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I happened to stumble across "the Core" while flipping through channels. It was right in the middle of the bit where electrical storms are showing a strange affinity for stone buildings in Rome. Exactly how much electricity _does_ it take to make concrete and stone explode anyways? Then to top it off, apparently FX has decided that our movie viewing experience would be improved by a couple of stupid hosts saying stupid things during the commercial breaks. Like when they came back from the next commercial and started talking about the bit where the Colosseum exploded. "That may have looked real, but actually a lot of it was done on computer." You mean they _didn't_ blow up the real Colosseum!?! I feel so cheated! I finally gave up about the point where they were tunneling down through the mantle and the ship's laser "got jammed" by a large crystal and they went outside, 700 miles below the surface, of the ship to fix it in _flexible_ space suits and say "well the good news is our suits can take the pressure" =P

Okay, back to cleaning now.

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