DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

Blah, got nine hours of sleep but still feel kind of crappy =P

Hmm, since this weekend is almost upon us perhaps i ought to post about last weekend...

Saturday i decided to pick up some new video games, despite the huge list of ones i have to get through. Got New Super Mario Bros. for DS and Final Fantasy 4 Advance for GBA. Then i got Jamba Juice. Sunday i went to see Mi3 with 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz. Was a reasonably good movie, certainly didn't seem as bad as i've heard people describing MI2 :) Then i got Jamba Juice :) I really ought to stop by there more often, well, more often with but with a more even distribution.

So now that i've got two brand new games (well, okay, one brand new game and one brand new reinterpretation of one old game =) along with a large stack of older games that i haven't played yet, what have i been playing? Final Fantay 5 and Worms 2 =P Worms 2 is all jmpava's fault since he gave me the disk :) We really ought to get a multiplayer game going, it's been years since i've gotten to play multiplayer Worms =/

I'm not sure where the FF5 impulse came from. Possibly because i was just reminded of that era by getting FF4A. Possibly because i was listening to a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics music on monday, which of course reminded me of it's spiritual predecessor in the main FF line :) I was actually thinking that FFT might be worth replaying more, but i was more interested in FF5. I was therefore very amused when i said monday evening that i was going to do something very silly and started looking through the video game shelves and jmpava said in a joking manner "you're going to play Final Fantasy Tactics?" :)

I did actually contemplate waiting till FF5A comes out for the GBA in december, but i want to play it noooow! And besides, they're going to be making various changes to it from what i've heard (though nothing _really_ significant) so i figured i should play through the almost original PSX version first :)

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