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Daily Show:

"The religious groups are always protesting something, it's nice to see the albinos get their day in the sun... Uh..."

Colbert Report's The Word:
"First ended up supporting both forced deportation and work visas" (or something like that)
[A man divided against himself can not run]

(About some speech by Bush) "He tried to please both sides and ended up pleasing neither"
[You can't please 29% of the people all the time]

Endgame radio:
I've been listening to some of the relatively recent endgame radio podcasts lately. In one of them they were discussing the overcrowding on WoW servers, and Blizzard's response of instituting queues to get into the game. One of the people was trying to explain to the others how this was the kind of problem that you'd only run into in a video game and never in real life...

"It's kind of a foreign concept, at least in the United States. Imagine them saying, you know what, Los Angeles, it's too big, gotta get out. You gotta get in a queue to get back into Los Angeles after going to work somewhere else, and you gotta drive back into the city... well i guess we do have a queue..."

"Your metaphor is falling apart"

Edit: "Kudos to the albinos. Religious groups get to protest things all the time, nice to see the albinos getting their moment in the sun... Uh... nice to see... i think what i meant to say was... really you shouldn't be out in the sun"

"But now they are so torn over this issue that Senate majority leader Bill Frist has publicly supported both forced deportation and a guest worker program"

"President Bush tried to support both side in his speech, sadly he please neither"

(since i'm being silly and watching the repeat =)

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