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Okay, i still think "Wii" is the dumbest name ever. However it has one single upside.

Sony had their big press conference at E3 today. Right at the start they said "We're not interested in gimmicks." (Or something very similar to that.) Many people took this to be a slam against Nintendo and their new controller.

Then about halfway through the presentation they showed off a combination card game/video game that used the EyeToy to take pictures of the cards. Seems a bit gimmicky to me.

Finally they get to the end of the conference and say they have one more big announcement about the controller. It was a major innovation and they had to get rid of the rumble functionality to get it to work, but the new PS3 controller will allow you to experience six degrees of freedom! That means it has tilt functionality! They've successfully managed to innovate about half the functionality of the new Nintendo controller that a lot of people, including Sony, has been deriding as gimmicky for the last eight months!

And immediately several people started referring to the "PlayStation ThWii" or "PSWii" :)

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