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I already responded to avani's mini-meme, but here it is again:

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I _am_ working on the ms paint pictures, but i've been busy, and after getting two of them done tonight my wrist is starting to hurt. Why yes, i _am_ putting far more effort into them than i probably should, and they _still_ look like crap =P Oh well, at least i resisted the urge to try and make crappy ms paint porn in response to some of the interest lists :)

I placed two, well technically three, online orders in the last week, and they seem determined to ship them to me in as many pieces as possible

DVD Planet sent me Witch Hunter Robin in a separate package, which was as intended since i paid a little extra for the shipping on that one, but then instead of sending everything else as a bundle they sent the two anime DVDs about the same time via slow mail, then sent me Coupling several days later, leaving The Shadow still to be sent off. AnimeNation sent me a package with all three FLCL DVDs in it and the FF4 OST soundtrack last week and it just arrived this afternoon. They sent out the "More Friends" CD today which still leaves the Wild Arms CD and the Black Mages 2 CD still to be sent. I'm going to be tripping over packages constantly for the next week or two =P

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