DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I think dumping my entire last paycheck into 401k really helped me out on taxes. If i've done my math right i should be getting back a little over $800 from federal, and i think this is the first time _ever_ that i'll be getting money back from CA after a full year's worth of employment (about $150)

That more than makes up for the $350 or so i've spent today on anime, video game soundtracks, and various other DVDs :)

Unfortunately neither of the two post offices i stopped by had the forms so i've been doing this all online (well, off of forms i downloaded from online anyways,) so i either need to take the pdfs to work tomorrow and print them out or i need to get forms on the way to work or at lunch and quickly transfer the info over and mail them off.

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