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I can't believe that google talk offers the (default) option to put a big gigantic usericon in front of every line but doesn't have the option to add timestamps to every line =P

And i'm not really convinced that "don't be evil" or whatever it is is 100% compatible with updating software that's already been installed on my computer without asking me beforehand or even explicitly telling me about the update afterwards. I only noticed at home because McAffe told me the program had changed and did i still want to give it access to the net? I think when it unexpectedly logged me off this afternoon at work it was doing the same thing, since that's when the big icons of death started appearing in conversations.

Edit: And in a nice moment of synchronicity when i clicked "post" on this entry Semagic posted it and then popped up a notification telling me there was a new version available and asked me if i'd like to download it. Good Semagic. Bad Google =P

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