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The sky hates me. When i left for work wednesday morning it was drizzling. Right as i got to the bottom of the stairs however it started raining really hard. I was rather confused for a few seconds since i wasn't sure if i hadn't just been wrong about how hard it was raining when i first stepped outside. So i jogged over to the carport since i don't particularly like hard rain, but _right_ as i stepped under the overhang it stopped pouring and went back to drizzling =P

I hate canker sores, but by this point i'm certainly used to them. However _normally_ when i get one it's cause i did something stupid and bit the inside of my lip somehow. However that's not the only way to get them, as indicated by my having gotten a medium large one on the inside of my upper lip, where i'm pretty sure i didn't bite myself and it would in fact be fairly difficult to do so. Normally canker sores mainly hurt when you're eating and such, however this one is "idealy" placed to be more annoying than usual. I can't drink from water bottles very well because the canker sore is right where my lips needs to curve around to form the seal. Furthermore this is the first canker sore i ever remember having that hurts when i _shave._ The pressure of the shaver on my upper lip presses the sore against my teeth =P I should buy some alum or something.

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