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In general the Daily Show is better than the Colbert Report, but i really like "The Word of the Day" for some reason.

(For those who haven't seen the show, there's a blue graphic on the right half of the screen that starts with the word of the day on it, and as Colbert talks about the subject it changes to various phrases, usually sarcastic commentary about whatever Colbert is currently saying.)

Today's word was "martyr," talking about DeLay's resignation from congress and how "he's similar to christ."

"They're both from a blue collar background. Jesus was a carpenter, and DeLay was a pest exterminator" [Texas was infested with Democrats]
"And he was referred to as "The Hammer," and what is a hammer but the tool of a carpenter?" [DeLay is a tool]


Oooohhh! You can watch them online here!!!! (And they've got other segments on the front page of course)

I'm trying to figure out how to save them for later use but haven't gotten the trick yet. I've managed to pull a 12 meg file out of my cache which claims to be a wmv, but windows media player doesn't know what to do with it =/

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