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Cassie decided that she wanted to be on my shoulders while i was at the sink this morning. She decided this from the stack of boxes next to the sink, and her aim was off _just_ enough that she decided it was better to dig in her claws rather than continue on with her trajectory =P Luckily her claws needed to go through my shirt before they got to my skin, except for the one claw that got embedded in my neck. So now i have a nice line of claw marks across my shoulders and one big (and probably soon to be infected) puncture in my neck =P

In other news, now that i think about it, if i'm remembering the Sheri S. Tepper canon correctly the end to "Gibbon's Decline and Fall" is _exactly_ like the end to Margaret Atwood's "Oryx and Crake."

The short summary of the end to both novels:

PLOT: "PROTAGONIST, you are now faced with a complicated moral dilemma, however the only viable choices at this point are A, B, or C. Remember that your choice will have far flung implications that will affect the entire history of the world and all life as we know it. READER, why don't you go ahead and consider the moral and philosophical implications as well while PROTAGONIST ponders his very important and irrevocable decision?"

PROTAGONIST: "A, B or C huh? Well I guess I know what I need to do."

PLOT: "Very good. However I don't think READER really needs to know about what the results of your decision will be, or even what your actual choice was. It would just spoil the mystery and suspense we've built up until now. THE END"

READER: "...what? Hey! You fuckers!!!!!!!"

So yeah, note to authors, if i bought a novel it's cause i want you to tell a story. Leaving room to question the character's decisions is all well and good, but if i wanted to decide what happened for myself i would have gone out and bought a Choose Your Own Adventure book, preferably one in which someone hadn't already gone through and ripped out all the "turn to" pages =P

(Of course i wouldn't be so frustrated about it if i didn't think that both novels were actually very good books despite that =)

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