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Book comments and other stuff

I've got a pending set of book reviews that i've been meaning to post for awhile, but i wanted to make some comments about "Eragon" right now, since i just started the sequel "Eldest." Mainly in the name of predictions about the various prophecies and stuff, so obviously this is a (very) spoilery post.

But before i got to the spoilery bits...

Unfortunately listening to Eldest just got a lot more difficult, cause my radio transmitter thing for my mp3 player is malfunctioning. I think the audio cable is screwed up, for a long time i've had to stick it in about halfway and wiggle it about in order to be able to hear anything. However yesterday it fritzed out and no amount of normal playing with it will get it to work. I've found that if i bend the cord in a certain place the sound will come back, but as soon as i let go it goes back to static, and i certainly can't drive very well while trying to pinch the audio cord in exactly the right way =P I'm not sure if that means that the thing was manufactured crappily or if expected wear time should be about a year or so (when did i get that thing anyways?) however i really can't imagine that a simple cable should be prone to such a simple failure that easily.

oh, and the lunch matrix has been promising us Papa John's for lunch today all week! But when the pizza showed up it was actually Pizza Hut! Argh!!!

Okay, now about the book...

So among the many cliches that Eragon falls sway to is the mysterious prophecies about the main character that the fans get to ponder as the series progresses.

The main one i remember is that he's going to be betrayed by a family member, which of course ties into one of the other cliches, the orphan kid with mysterious unknown parents. Well, not completely unknown in this case since he knows his mother's name and not much else.

So Eragon immediately jumps to the conclusion that it will be his cousin, Roran, completely forgetting about his mother and father.

From what little we know his mother seemed to care about him, so if she betrays him it will presumably be by accident or under duress or something like that.

As for his father, well, i was originally thinking he might be half elf, however given later details that seems impossible. (Of course when Brom first started acting all knowledgeable i thought "oh! he must be a dragon rider!" But then as time went by i thought "well i guess he can't be, since surely Eragon would have noticed the Gedway thing on his hands by now," but no! they were all sneaky about it!)

But anyways at least _one_ of Eragon's parents are going to turn out to be important, in order to follow standard fantasy cliche #37. After elves i was thinking perhaps one of the old lines of kings (or whatever) from before Galbatorix took over, and then i started thinking it might be Galbatorix himself. (Luke, i am your father!) Then Murtagh showed up and we heard about him and Morzan and i thought that might work too. Then Murtagh told the story about how his mom went away for a few months and then came back "ill," and it was _about_ the right time for Eragon to have been born, which makes it seem even more likely. Of course like Eragon's mother, Murtagh _seems_ to honestly care about Eragon, so it would have to be unusual circumstances for Murtagh to betray him. However that would make Eragon's distrust of Murtagh and his conflicting feelings about Zar'roc especially ironic :)

My other guess for Eragon's father was Brom, but now that he's dead it would again leave only Roram to betray him, unless there are some unknown siblings lurking around.

Another fantasy cliche that they're presumably going to fulfill is the restoration of dragons, though i have no idea how that's going to happen. Even if they recover the other two eggs three isn't enough to reestablish a species. Did _all_ the dragons have riders when Galbatorix killed them? Or is there a population of "wild" dragons somewhere in hiding? I would have thought that the population of ridden dragons would have to have been a rather small part of the whole, but i have no idea where a large population of dragons could hide without being noticed either.

And as for the traitor in the rebellion, the obvious answer is the Twins, so i somewhat hope that's not the case, especially since if so they were rather ineffective traitors.

And just randomly, i'm wondering why if you kill a magic user with magic they have the chance to cast one last spell at you and kill you, but if you just stab them in the chest it's all okay =P

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