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The cup-of-noodles stayed in the car next to our spot until friday or saturday, although at did acquire a crumpled up napkin which hid the cigarettes from view. However it has now been replaced by a styrofoam drink container. I don't want to know if that has some cigarettes lurking in it too =P

The stairwell doors here at work apparently lock with a bang and unlock with a whimper.

The japanese bakery is cool, but it doesn't open until 8:30 am, which makes it rather useless for getting breakfast *pouts*

I also found out on monday that the Del Taco by home isn't actually 24 hours =P It opens at 7 and they'll sometimes let you sneak through the drive-through a little earlier than that, but i felt guilty when i realized i'd made them start dealing with customers 30 minutes early =/ The one in Signal Hill near work is, but it's quite a bit more out of the way. (Of course it's hard to get less out of the way than the one near home :)

Ceph and coraa found a cool wallpaper theme/program yesterday. It takes satelite images of the earth and constructs one of those day/night maps of the earth. I remember the *nix machines in the labs at Mudd having an option for the same desktop but this is the first time i've ever seen it on a windows machine. The only problem with it is that it's really dark compared to the Katamari Damacy wallpaper i had up before, i may want to have the bright happy colors back after awhile.

Okay, think that's it for now

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