DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

busy weekend

Party and hanging out and buying lots of stuff

Cwendy41 had a housewarming party friday night. I ended up leaving work a little early so i could carpool over to her place with another coworker since the parking situation around there really sucks.

We sat around and talked and played multi-player tetris for awhile until everyone showed up, then we walked to Islands and had dinner there. Someone had noticed that a new Borders had just opened up, so most of us decided to go take a look at that after dinner. I resisted the temptation to get anything since i didn't have my car with me, but a couple of the others got a whole lot of books and manga :)

We went back to the apartment after that and watched Star Wars, because cwendy41 had somehow managed to escape ever seeing the original trilogy. Unfortunately i'm not sure how much she got out of it since there were so many people talking during the movie =/

After that people were getting pretty tired so about half the people there headed home and the other half, including me, crashed there for the night.

We got up around 9 or 10 in the morning, played some more tetris and then went to a local cafe to have brunch (or linner, or whatever) about 12 or 1. My ride decided she needed to head out after that, so i did as well of course. I got dropped off at work and spent about 45 minutes there making up for leaving early the previous afternoon.

I got home about 5 and when i turned my cellphone back on (since it had run out of battery sometime the pervious day) i found a message from 2gouda4u and thegreatgonz asking if i was interested in hanging out. So i took a quick shower then called them back and ended up going over to their place. We watched an episode of the new(ish) Ah My Goddess tv series, then watched Amelie, which i hadn't seen before and was pretty good, i'll probably get a copy of it at some point.

So today i got up around noon and after some poking around the net decided to get some shopping done.

Went to the SportsMart across the street and looked at rollerblades, and found that they had a decent kind of rollerblade but the only set in my size was missing the right shoe. So then i went to the Sports Chalet(?) over on Beach and found that they had an almost identical set of rollerblades, but they actually had the good one in my size. It wasn't quite the cheapest one they had (which was $70) but it was only $100, which was a decent price compared to the $150 and $200 ones. It's also the only one they had that was mostly black. I'm still considering whether i want to get a black marker and color over the silver bits. It does have a brake on the right boot (like every other set they had) but they told me it was removeable, though i'll need to get an extra short screw to hold the wheel in. It annoys me that they don't come with one of those by default.

Oh, and between Sports Mart and Sports Chalet i stopped at DVDPlanet and got Howl's Moving Castle. I was also going to get the Coupling Complete Series set, but they were out of it =P

Then i went by the Nickel Nickel arcade to see what machines they have. They _do_ have a swishy machine! Though i think it may be only 2nd Mix, not 2nd Mix append JParadise, which means that it will be missing a few of the songs i like =P The one bad thing about the arcade is that it charges a $2 admitance fee, which is annoying. I suppose it might be okay of the price of the games is reduced proportionally, but i didn't think to check that before i left.

After that i went over to Barnes & Nobles and got some CDs. Unfortunately they didn't have everything i wanted, and a few of the things they did have were a lot more expensive than they were advertised for on, so i may end up doing an order there as well, along with the one from CDBaby.

Since i was in the area and hadn't done so in awhile i went to Boston Market to get lunch/dinner, though i noticed a couple interesting restaurants at the mall i think i'd like to try. ("Daphne's Greek Cafe and The Cravery, a pastry/pie place.)

Finally i stopped by the Albertson's near the mall to get drinks and snacks for B5 tomorrow and happened to notice a place called "Anime King' or some such right next door. I stopped in after getting the groceries and found that it had a lot of toys and manga and DVDs, but i'm not likely to buy much there since they sell pirated CDs =P

So now i'm back home with nothing left to do for the rest of the weekend/night. I may try cleaning up some since i don't think coraa and jmpava will be back here tonight, but that would take effort so i may just declare that i've already got enough done and read or play games instead :)

Ok, did some vacuuming and steam cleaning, though there were several spots, including one very large one near the balcony (patio?) door that i couldn't get rid of *grrrr*

Oh well, time to have a snack and go to bed so i can try to catch up on sleep. Oh yeah, also did some laundry, need to remember to put that in the dryer when i get up in the morning so that i'll actually have clothes to wear to work.

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