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That's why i love RottenTomatoes

Went to see Ultraviolet with madduckdes tonight. As long as you go into it knowing it's a bad movie it's a reasonably good movie. Lots of cute girl kicking peoples' asses with some mediocre acting and underdeveloped plot mixed in. There were a lot of background things i didn't understand, and i kind of wish they'd skipped about half of them and developed the other half better.

And on the basis of knowing what you're getting into, since the trailer either said or at least strongly implied that the kick-ass people were genetically modified soldiers, i feel i should clarify that according to the movie itself the US Government was trying to develop a kick-ass soldier treatment from a newly discovered disease, but they screwed it up and the resulting virus escaped and started turning people into vampires. So kick-ass powers, need to consume blood in some fashion, there's some kind of terminal condition attached, and they're accidentally infected "victims," not purposefully created soldiers. I spent the first five minutes of the film busy readjusting my expected paradigm =P

Oh, and it took Gun-kata to a whole new level by adding retractable swords to the handles of submachine guns :)

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