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Song identification meme, stolen from ceph

"First, put your playlist on shuffle.
Second, post the first lines for the first 20 songs to come up (along with these instructions).
Third, have people guess the songs and artists in comments to the post.
Fourth, in a few days, post the answers. "

and i also generally followed the unofficial rules :)

"Some of these were a bit tricky to transcribe--on some I asked the Internet, on others I went with my own interpretation. "First line" is of course difficult to define, so I've been pretty arbitrary with some of these. For songs that start with nonsense syllables I have occasionally also included the first words."

Like ceph's all of mine are shared on my computer at work so guessing them probably won't be hard. And most of them are from a playlist i shared with everyone a couple weeks ago, making it doubly easy :)

1: Night falls, i'm alone

2: We were strangers, starting out on a journey

3: He was a boy, she was a girl, can i make it any more obvious?

4: There are those spend the night under bridges, over by the river

5: Lala lala lala lala i wrote her off for the tenth time today

6: I have looked all over the place

7: Hikisaita yami ga hoe furueru teito ni

8: Peek in sneak about

9: Deny me if you think you can

10: I wear a disguise, i'm just your average jane

11: I don't know whose side I'm taking

12: I would swallow my pride

13: I don't wanna say i'm sorry

14: In the air I'm tasting your perfection

15: Who is this irresistable creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?

16: Feel like I've been blown apart

17: isagiyoku kakkoyoku ikite-yukou

18: I could be an angel dressed in the devil's clothes

19: Kiss away my fear

20: When everything is going wrong


There were also a few i skipped cause they were _way_ too obvious or way too hard (unless you've heard the particular obscure song)

21: Insert coin

22: Waka Laka's a thing to play forever

23: To start press any key. Where's the any key?

24: Come to my window

25: One ring to rule them all

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