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Hey! That's bizare. A week or so ago coraa mentioned something about chatting in gmail, which is what prompted me to get google talk. Then a couple days ago ceph was chatting to me with it and said she was doing it out of gmail. I asked her how she did that and she said there should be a "contacts" menu on the left that i could use to start chats. I saw the "contacts" link but clicking on it just took me to a list of my contacts with no obvious way to start a chat. I tried looking in help and it said i should automatically see a "quick contacts" list that would let me do the chat. I had no such list, couldn't find any options to turn on such a list, and couldn't find any mention of anyone else having a problem with a missing list (using google of course =) So i just gave up and figured i'd worry about it later since i have the google talk client.

Then today when logging into gmail i got a login screen telling me about how i could now chat within gmail, etc, and when i clicked "continue to inbox" the "quick contacts" list was there! I wonder if they're doing some kind of incremental rollout or if there was just something foobared about my account that caused it to take longer than everyone else's to get updated.

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