DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


Went to see Hoodwinked last night, which was very silly and rather cute. Certainly not a great movie but i thought it was enjoyable. I was actually rather surprised when the first half turned out to be a variant of Rashomon, which was more effort on the storytelling end than i'd really been expecting. As such it probably would have been more enjoyable if i hadn't seen the trailer first, which gave away a few bits which would have been more amusing if left hidden longer, but if i hadn't seen the trailer i probably wouldn't have gone to see the movie. In retrospect one particularly good thing about it was that there was practically none of the stupid body humor that seems to have pervaded comedy movies recently, just lots of sillyness.

And no, the CG certainly wasn't up to Pixar^H^H^H^H^H Disney standards (*groan*) but it was good enough, and the style was cute :)


After taking a quick look at rotten tomatoes (at which it scored 45%) i'm curious as to why the very short "Jon Popick, PLANET SICK-BOY" review was rated as rotten. The quoted blurb was "A very rare example of a non-Pixar/Aardman kiddie pic that adults might enjoy more than the youngsters."

"This lovely little holiday surprise looks quite retarded, but it’s actually a very rare example of a non-Pixar/Aardman kiddie pic that adults might enjoy more than the youngsters. On the surface, Hoodwinked is merely a badly animated retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, with a very odd collection of voice talent (can you even imagine Glenn Close, Andy Dick and Xzibit in the same room?). In reality, it’s brazenly different, quite funny and told, via purposely crude Rankin/Bass-esque animation, in the style of Kurosawa’s Rashômon. In other words, this ain’t your father’s fairytale."
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